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Los Angeles Times

Almost Normal Productions, a small studio led by two local women, seems almost tailor-made for the honor [of Best Female Filmmaker and Best Filmmaker] with two films nabbing multiple award nominations at the festival.
At Almost Normal, both Elizabeta Vidovic and Kathryn Michelle hold many titles.
For nominated films "May I Die" and "Find Me," Vidovic is sharing the best female and Glendale filmmaker nomination with Michelle, who is also competing for best actress for her role in the latter.

"[The nomination] means a heck of a lot because we are, everyday, faced with the challenges of being female in this business and we have a lot of roadblocks," Michelle said.
"Anytime that your work is recognized, your work as a female filmmaker is recognized, it really does mean something, especially coming from our hometown."Kathryn Michelle

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