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Make a Career Out of Acting by Taking Our Acting Classes in Los Angeles, CA

Almost Normal Acting Factory focuses on creating a safe haven for actors to come in and explore their emotions, nurture their strengths, exercise their imaginations, take a lot of risks and hone their craft.
Most importantly, we build off each actor’s own uniqueness!
This is the closest you get to private coaching in the classroom atmosphere. We believe that to really be a brilliant actor, you not only have to love it, you have to always work at it. That is why each session in the Acting Factory, every actor will get up and work scenes.
We want to share our years of experience with each actor and what has worked for us as much as what hasn’t. While this is a very professional environment, our acting class for teenagers is a place where each actor will walk away from a session feeling more confident and prepared!


Class Location

4200 Chevy Chase Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(in Glendale)

Class Schedule

Private and Consultation:
by appointment only - call 818-606-2382

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  • Properly breaking down and understanding a script
  • Auditioning techniques
  • Tapping into emotions and communicating them clearly
  • Transitioning from emotion to emotion
  • Enhancing the imagination (improv, exercises & writing)
  • Commitment to character from head to toe
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Memorization tools
  • Mastering cold reading
  • Voice & Diction
  • Pacing (difference between drama & comedy)
  • Set etiquette
  • Slating to camera properly
  • How to lose or use the nerves
  • Taking direction
  • Professionalism
  • Most importantly, we build off each actor’s own uniqueness!


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Private and Consultation:
$75 per hour
$45 per half hour
(by appointment only - call 818-606-2382)

Class Location

4200 Chevy Chase Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(in Glendale)


Almost Normal Productions experience in the industry spans over almost 2 decades of producing and writing several short & feature films. We want to take our originality into the classroom and share the experiences and knowledge we have gained on our journey through the entertainment industry.
Inspiration for the art of acting is everywhere! We want to show our actors how and where to look for it, how to use it in their work , and ultimately, how to tap into their own instincts and build their talent up so that they can inspire others!

Elizabeta Vidovic

Elizabeta Vidovic

Elizabeta worked in Chicago theatre for almost 10 years, producing and acting in over 30 theatrical productions before moving to Los angeles in 2002.
While she found her start in acting, a desire for stronger material lead her to begin writing and producing films. In 2010, she opened the doors to a new production company, Almost Normal Productions, and is enjoying the success of all of her four films.
In addition to producing and writing, she is currently preparing to break into directing with her two upcoming films.


"Elizabeta Vidovic has fantastic instincts for working with actors on sides and scripts.
Thorough and nuanced performances result from her coaching!
She knows the business of acting from all perspectives: the actor, the camera, the director, and the producer.
She understands the art of auditioning and the realities of actually bringing the character to life on the job.
Almost Normal Acting Factory is an enormously exciting place for those actors who are ready to roll up their sleeves and take Hollywood by storm!”

" Elizabeta Vidovic is one of the finest actors and professionals that I've met in this industry. I first saw her work as an actress over a decade ago when we were in acting class together, and was blown away by the level of her talent and natural ability to transform into any character she tackled in the intense scene work that we were assigned.
I wanted to collaborate with her outside of class, because her passion excited me as an actor and creator. We have now done so many projects, including the feature film FIND ME that I associate produced with her and starred in alongside. Getting to play opposite each other was a dream come true for me. She gives more in even just her eyes, than any other actor I’ve worked with. They say your performance is always raised a notch when the actor you're working opposite is of a certain level, and in the case of FIND ME, it was 100 percent true.
She knows her stuff, and is never looking to show off her ego of what she knows as actors. She is only at your service to raise your performance to the most authentic place possible. Trust and selflessness in a coach is most important, and that's why anyone who works with Elizabeta will benefit.

"Elizabeta Vidovic is a force in the industry that I would work with again and again whether it be as an actor, writer, or producer. We first met as actors and from there I have continued to work with her on the production side as she has written and produced her own projects. Elizabeta is a true professional, dedicated to her craft and always ensuring that those working with her feel comfortable. I have never met a more dedicated woman that not only has a soft strength in her leadership, whether it be on set as a producer or in a scene as an actor, but her commitment to what she does is unparalleled. I would recommend Elizabeta to anyone in a heartbeat."


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